Tal Shibi was born in Jerusalem, 1983. Improviser, photographer, dance maker and stage/street performer; a teacher and ongoing student of movement art and therapy.

Most recently he has been sharing his passion for life, growth, and movement through creating Improvisation workshops which emphasize tools for life such as playfulness, meditation, the courage to be seen, body awareness, breath work and more. 

Tal also enjoys coaching and working with Men's groups for both evolving through greater awareness, and creating avenues for positive change, fresh perspectives and fulfillment in the present moment. 

As a certified Shiatsu and Watsu therapist, he is continuously curious about the exploration of the healing arts through movement and touch, while enjoying collaboration between different art forms. Inspiration is found in many surprising places including everyday situations, Authentic Movement,  the practice and play of Contact Improvisation , Music and Dance.

Graduate of the movement department with an emphasis on choreography /(B.dance) in the Acadamy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem.

Tal has studied Contact Improvisation with leading teachers in Israel and in the U.S. and for the past decade has been passionate about sharing creativity through teaching improvisation, performing on stage and spreading the message of creativity & dance as a way of life.


Tal teaches movement, meditation, body awareness, dance and contact improvisation classes in various settings, schools and events through out Europe and Israel.

I believe in the body as an expressive medium.

I believe in the infinite possibilities of living creatively, and in the effort to give meaning to life lived through the body.
 I am asking myself how can i move in creative ways today? Where could i go and how might I need to move to see with fresh eyes and think outside of any constructs that have been handed to me. Is art making something we do, or is it a place to visit? 

These are moving questions. They are not meant to be automatically answered. The answers are best given as spontaneous expression. In what we call dance. In what we call art or sometimes in the joy of cooking for others. 

Following instinct and intuition as a practice becomes part of the art making process. What are your moving questions for today?