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advanced techniques in ci

A Weekend workshop in Göteborg, Sweden.

May 18-19


We all have the desire to be seen and understood;
to be accepted for our unique expression.
In this workshop, we will tease out our solo dances and practice our ability for creating and composing our solos on the spot.

1001, join the dance through this lovely Contact Improvisation festival in Grenoble, summer 2017, click below 

Messy and Unedited is the title I use for a workshop focusing on individual expression. Through devising tactics which allow the movement which is already in us to be expressed, we can unleash the reigns of the mind over our habituated bodies. This is a fun and useful practice for any artist incorporating the body as a medium of expression.












20 september 2014--Teaching in Create CI Festival 

more info here:



Diving Deep - workshop in Copenhagen- Sat Nov 15- 2014