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The Gods and Goddesses are sexy and surprising. They can appear as flying monkeys and forest moon light. They dance and make love and steal each other’s lovers through schemes and trickery They are like us, full of petty jealousy and a desire for grand gestures
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Article on the gradual shift of CI from its professional origin to community aspects:
an attempting to define Contact while keeping it un-boxed.
Movement Poetry Project: allowing locations and body to bring out a dialogue which is rooted in the experience of the moment

When I was here there was snow covering all

It was covering leaves and stones

It was resting on hair

It was fresh and sharp

It was sharp and pinching

It pinched

And it was refreshing

It refreshed, freshened

It was sharp, sharp and cozy

And surprising and burning on the fingertips

Now it is summer and mosquitos and a desire for fish on the fire

With a lot of lemon, plenty of lemon,

Lemon on fingers lemon dripping, trickling, sticky

Lemon oozing, lemon souring

Fish done perfectly with a taste of fire and lemon

There are some days when I am not quite here nor there

Waiting for the middle point

A squirrel scatters along

I want a house and a dusty dog with a wet tongue

I dreamt about her again

Arm pit with fair hair, she filled out a little, and her smell familiar, homey, close, homey

Home of the arm pit, pouring a bucket of water over exposed brick

In Yuval’s old Subaru you could still press a button which squirts a measured amount of water soap fluid on the window pane

That’s satisfying

Analogical satisfaction

On some days I take a walk, or go for a stroll, it’s wonderful

To allow the soles of the feet to touch

Soul of the foot

After the dip it’s a different story

The dust shakes off

A hiding clarity peeks out

It’s interesting

It takes a moment

And yet it arrives

It takes a moment

And yet it arrives