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Sunday, Feb 14 2020

12:00- 16:00

A day of Meditation, Improvisation, Dance, Creativity, and Tuning In!


This is an opportunity to get in tune with your body and breath, and 

take a moment to slow down before the world speeds back up.
We will find creative ways to anchor and set exciting intentions for our life

as well gain a deeper understanding as how to use these tools of meditation and creative movement in our every-day life.

This workshop will provide a gentle way into your sensing body, as well as create a space for expressive dance and the practice of clear improvisational methods to enhance our expressive bodies in motion!

What will We do?

During first half of the workshop we will take the time to

tune into our breath and bodies with

guided meditation, and guided somatic practices. 

out of this state we will progress into a guided movement practice which will utilize which will expand the range of how we use our body in dance. 

The second half of the workshop will use writing exercises and improvisational scores to delve deeper into possibilities of expressing our inner world through dance and allowing it to be seen by others.

*There will be about a half hour long break around 2pm, 

and shorter breaks throughout the workshop.

Who is it for?

Any body curious and excited about meditation, movement, and dance/ and is willing to to practice his/her own movement and creativity with an open mind. 

movement/dance/mediation is helpful but not necessary!


What to bring:


water bottle, notebook and pen for writing, comfortable dance/movement clothing. 


Price range:

50 - 65 usd.

sliding scale- pay as you are comfortable and able.

To confirm your registration contact me to

 send Venmo or bank transfer.

( if neither is possible, let me know...)

for more details:
send an email to talshibi@gmail.com

or call 720-546-2217

or through here:




Tal Shibi was born in Jerusalem, 1983. Improviser, photographer, dance maker and stage/street performer; a teacher and ongoing student of movement art and therapy.

​He is a graduate of the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem with an emphasis on Movement and Choreography.


For the past decade he has been sharing his passion for life, growth, and movement through creating Improvisation workshops which emphasize tools for life such as playfulness, meditation, the courage to be seen, body awareness, breath work and more. 

Tal also enjoys coaching and working with Men's groups for both evolving through greater awareness, and creating avenues for positive change, fresh perspectives and fulfillment in the present moment. 

As a certified Shiatsu and Watsu therapist, he is continuously curious about the exploration of the healing arts through movement and touch, while enjoying collaboration between different art forms. Inspiration is found in many surprising places including everyday situations, Authentic Movement,  the practice and play of Contact Improvisation , Music and Dance.