Gavra raba
Video - Dance project 

israel- 2019


Utopian Borders 
2018- premier at Gerard Behar Center- Jerusalem


the announcement2017


everyday we are flooded with information through media/web/screens/phones/how do we move through this static? Do we ignore/filter/enjoy/disgust?

The dance was first exhibited at Museum DKM in Duisburg Germany, after a month long development process.

Collaboration with Choreographer duo Avi Kaiser and Sergio Antonino =website

dancers: Elior Cohen, Tal Shibi, Avi Kaiser, Sergio Antonino

video dance project -2019
collaboration-with Kelly mcinnes and rianne svelnis.
residency at
lake studios berlin.

and the doors slam

in that building

and every time the door slams 

i remind myself that

that's just what the doors do

nobody is slamming them on purpose


now i'm lighter somehow

so i'm younger then 

i was

but i'm also older


I read this thing yesterday that said

that the earth- the dirt

no it was like  a definition for dirt 

which was

called it

the skin of the earth 

which i really liked

Music-dance Video collaboration- 2015
with singer 
michal lotan

Music-dance Video
concept & directing

collaboration- 2020
with singer 
Galia amado