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Dance/ Creative movement/ improvisation/ Art    

Movement as art is an illusive practice. A way of life and culture of inhabiting our body as living research. The Joy of this practice is in the living experiment. There is nothing to hang on the wall with dance, but there is a lingering satisfaction and sanity in coming back to the body and breath. coming home.


My deep need to relate, communicate and a grounding-life affirming practice found a home in movement and improvisational dance. Dance provides an ongoing learning process which encourages me to see beyond myself and find out how I can live in a creative manner, ask questions through moving them, and communicate beyond words.


In creating dance performance for stage I seek out the underlying humor which the human experience offers, and the surprising edge which contains a risk. A risk of discovery and unmasking, a risk of sharing and exposing.

I wish to extend these qualities into teaching movement. Integrating the everyday body and the human experience into the encouragement of self research and  the development of movement skills.

Contact Improvisation:

I see movement and Contact Improvisation classes as a space to find together what it is we are interested in, and hopefully never reach one answer.


In both teaching and learning, I seek the  Opening of  the space to a range of skills, from the simple practice of breathing together, to more complex weight sharing abilities, and dance/movement elements and skills.


Contact Improvisation advances body intelligence by expanding the range of body tone, and the body’s skin sensitivity to different qualities of touch. We will explore how the dance is affected by our touch and intension, interest and boredom.


The ongoing learning process of Contact involves the unique skills of weight sharing, jumping and rolling, sliding and gliding, finding a solo inside a duet, using the floor as a partner and discovering the breath as an ally.