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This is a unique on-line course for Men who are ready to create a new ground of being for self discovery, and want to be part of a community which encourages living with honesty, courage, humor, passion and meaning.
I warmly invite you to join a Men's group where we will practice and sharpen our tools for listening, embodiment, meditation, communication, and cultivating a daily practical path for expansion and growth in our life.

This process will invite and dialogue with your vulnerability, desires, and your connection to your body and spirit.

Ground Work:

Each meeting will begin with a guided meditation practice; establishing a 

 connection to the body through a variety of meditation techniques and breathing practices unique to men.

Regaining Clarity:

We will use writing exercises and create a culture of honest sharing to uncover our fears, motivations and desires. This process will allow us to dream bigger, and encourage each other toward deeper satisfaction, contentment, and authenticity in our lives. 

Each week we will receive clear and engaging tasks and exercises to do on our own. These "home works" will be supported with video and written content in order to give us the fullest background to our practice, as well as pave the road to the next week. 



During the course we will be a part of a mini community which will support our growth and individual process as well as challenge us through questions and feedback.

We will work with a variety of tools from the worlds of meditation, psychotherapy, somatics, and coaching.

The world of Men's Work is part of a movement which seeks to promote a dialogue and practice which is unique to the spiritual, emotional and practical aspects of in the evolution of Men.


The modern day roots of this movement began in the United States, revolving around Robert Bly's mythopoetic men's movement. In these meetings between men many topics which are intimately interwoven  in our life were discussed: our aggression, shame, vulnerability (or learned lack of it), fatherhood, work in the world, romantic partnerships, relationships to other men and more.

The work of opening ourselves to dare to address the most relevant topics in our lives with other men, allows for a fresh process of becoming more familiar with our own instincts, intuition, and insight about our place and direction in life. 


Course Structure:

10 group meetings

Once a week for 6 weeks, then once every 2 weeks

duration: 3 months

meeting duration: 1:45

If this work is calling you

let's take a moment to talk about it!

this free one on one 20 min call will serve as an introduction to the work as well as give you a chance to share your interest and curiosity.



The course includes weekly written and video content, engaging home practices, a guest teacher, and live group meetings.

Investment= 320 usd/270 euro.

starting August 2, 2021
Mondays: 13:00- 14:45 p.m. est.

       19:00-20:45 cet

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Who is this course for?

For Men who wish to gain a solid ground and support for a meditation practice. 


For Men who desire to have a deeper sense of self- knowledge and inner connectivity as well as receive tools for doing so. 

For Men who are not afraid of feedback and wrestling with the fears that hold them back.

For men who are interested in opening up through honest discourse as well as daring to be part of vulnerable conversations.

Themes we will engage and explore:


Meditation and breathwork/ Somatic sensing: A deep experiential understanding of meditation practices with various breathwork techniques.

Inquiry into our own definitions and perception on Masculine essence, presence, and potential.

Listening and Feedback: creating a new culture and support system for our expansion.


Fears and Shadow Work: gaining insight into the voices which hinder us, while identifying and reframing shadows into positive quality fuel for life.


Sexuality: integrating breathwork, understanding internal energy.

Pleasure , desire, and actualizing our dreams.


Getting in touch with our dreams & visions/ creating a new mythology/ 


Accountability and Growth. 


Tal Shibi



About me:

I believe  meditation and movement to be powerful anchors in creating a life filled with creativity and meaning. In the past decade I have been facilitating  workshops with an emphasis on body awareness, movement improvisation , and meditation. 
In recent years this work has also been developing in contexts of creating courses for Men which emphasize and explore the themes, topics, and challenges which men face today.

I am continually curious about finding and working with tools that help us create more balance, happiness, and satisfaction in day to day living.
There are many surprises and sometimes unwanted happenings "out there" in our life, which guide us back to finding new way of making our inner space a resting place and an oasis which we can then share with others. 


Part of my personal journey into men's work has allowed me to open up in deeper trust of life, and in working with other men to see how we can support each-other into growth and deeper meaning in our lives. 
I invite you to jump in!

more info-

The journey 

to self discovery 

of the integrated Man

begins with the desire and courage

to live honestly.

Mediation is the bridge

which offers us a fresh start

with the silence 

that is always


There are many definitions around what mediation means. I like to think of it as a practice which allows us to become intimate with our selves. A window into the interior space. Meditation then, is the tool which allows us to go through the window. 

It is not about making a pretty sitting statue with our sitting, nor is it about suffering through any ordeal.
Just like any trail, there might be some uphill moments, 
and these go along with beautiful vistas, resting points, 
and moments of boredom as well. I like to invite every part of us into meditation because every part of us will surface anyway, and the practice allows us to become the spaciousness around it all. 

It allows for a sense of humor around 

being a human. 

smile. and breathe on.



"Tal is an attentive and grounding facilitator, expert at creating a supportive environment, listening to a personal story and eliminating the unnoticed aspects of it. He has a great deal of knowledge, tools and wisdom he shared generously.
I’m very happy and thankful for all the journeys we’ve shared together."

-Asaf Cohen

"The Men's Circle facilitated by Tal, is a place for being, breathing, receiving support and learning how to give it to others.
I experienced an immediate and lasting improvement in the quality of my life. ( even now 2 months after the course)
 The experience gave more tools and humor on working with my shadows, as well as practical focus on the work I want to be doing. It's not instant magic, it depends on each individuals work, but Tal knows how to create the ground for becoming more connected to your self and being better person, and a better man 
-Aryeh Lederhandler