Utopian Borders: 24/10/18 Premier 

Do we internalize outer borders as our "reality"?

What is on the other side of Borders and are we free to redraw the maps? To reinvent the game? To decide what our playing field is?


Developed for Ben Shamayim Va Aretz festivsal Jerusalem:



choreography and development - Tal Shibi

with: Ido Barak, Yuval Finkelshtein

A Little More Free


A process of finding the right balance between awareness of the moment and allowing yourself to get lost in it from time to time.


By finding the small freedoms of the body, lies the immense potential of living a little more free in moments of personal choice.


Do we have physical freedom, even when there is no one there to judge us?


Developed for Intima Dance Festival in Tmunah Theater, Tel Aviv.



choreography and devolpment - Tal Shibi

artistic direction - Inbal Yakobi and Rotem Tashach

The Announcement

everyday we are flooded with information through media/web/screens/phones/how do we move through this static? Do we ignore/filter/enjoy/disgust?

The dance was first exhibited at Museum DKM in Duisburg Germany, after a month long development process.

Collaboration with Choreographer duo Avi Kaiser and Sergio Antonino =website

dancers: Elior Cohen, Tal Shibi, Avi Kaiser, Sergio Antonino